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Jacket for a boy ZS-936

Vendor code: ZS-936
Elongated jacket of a straight silhouette, quilted with large horizontal bulkheads. The sleeve is sewn in. The collar is sewn in, increased volume, with a button closure. The hood-helmet is non-removable, with an enlarged visor with a velcro fastener. On the edge of the hood there is an adjustable drawstring for an elastic cord and a stopper. The central clasp on the braid -zipper, closed with an upper windproof strap with hidden buttons, inside - a lower windproof strap. On the front there are side pockets with a ribbon closure - lightning. The side seams of the jacket have zipper cuts, closed with a leaflet. The bottom of the sleeve is with a fitted elastic cuff, with a velcro patch on the ribbon , a knitted wristband is provided on the inside. The bottom of the jacket is smooth Decor: Patches on the sleeve patches. Patches on the hood helmet. Velcro patch on the left front. Suspension on the cursor - right pocket
Fabric: modern jacket fabric Filler: synthetic swan down Lining: foil (omni hit)
140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170 see
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