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Jacket for girls ZS-929

Vendor code: ZS-929
The jacket is a loose, straight silhouette. The sleeve is sewn in, with a lowered shoulder line. Stand-up collar with buttons, voluminous. The closure is a central zipper, with a one-piece upper windproof strap, fastened with hidden buttons. Horizontal side slash pockets with puffy flaps. The product is quilted with wide horizontal bulkheads. The rounded 3-D shape of the sleeve is created due to the seam and tucks in the elbow area. The hood is removable. The edge of the hood is with a drawstring, adjustable elastic cord and stoppers. Elastic waistband allows you to change the silhouette shape of the product. Decor: Elastic cord and stoppers with a corporate logo - hood curtain. Logo patch - collar. Elastic band with company logo - removable belt.
Fabric: jacket fabric with texture "eco-leather" Filler: synthetic swan's down Lining: foil (omni hit) Edge: natural raccoon fur
134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170 see
beige, sand, black.
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