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Coat for girls ZS-919

Vendor code: ZS-919
Coat - in shirt style - straight silhouette. The sleeve is sewn in, with a lowered shoulder line. Stand-up collar with buttons, voluminous, with decorative cords. The closure is a central zipper and hidden buttons, with an upper strap and a lower windproof strap. The product is quilted with a diamond. Chest patch pockets with flaps are processed on the front. Side pockets - vertical with leaves. The bottom of the sleeves is decorated with fitted cuffs - a decorative elastic band. The hood is not removable. On the edge of the hood there is an adjustable drawstring with an elastic cord and stoppers. Along the side seams, at the bottom of the product, inserts of decorative elastic are made. The bottom of the coat is shaped, with a rounded shape of the front and back. Decor: Elastic cord and stoppers with a corporate logo - hood curtain. Decorative cords with a silicone tip - collar. Decorative buttons with a corporate logo - chest pocket flaps. Elastic band with company logo - cuffs sleeves, the lower part of the side seams.
Fabric: jacket fabric with lacquer gloss Filler: synthetic swan down Lining: foil (omni hit) Edge: natural raccoon fur
110, 116, 122, 128, 134 cm
jelly, nutmeg, black.
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