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12.04.2021 | Юлия Колобова

How to increase the average receipt by offering the buyer the right

One of the most effective ways to increase the average check is to offer related products to the buyer. In the field of children's clothing, there are also related products, for example, in the case of the G’n’K brand, these are branded insulated shorts and skirts for girls, as well as accessories: hats, panama hats and bags.

Related products for children's outerwear In addition to children's outerwear, the G’n’K brand produces accessories and everyday items that perfectly match jackets, coats, raincoats and other insulated outfits. All models are designed to make a harmonious and aesthetic set, and therefore they are easy to sell as related products. What we have in stock: shorts and skirts for girls for spring and autumn. With a high belt, insulated, made of jacket fabric with a lacquer sheen, they look great with shortened demi-season jackets, raincoats, and vests. You can wear them with a hoodie and a T-shirt, if it gets really warm, feminine ankle boots and massive sneakers will fit on your feet. Suitable for a height of 110 –170 cm, thanks to the stylish and adult design, a high school student will also like it. It can be offered with demi-seasonal things;

knitted hats for boys and girls. A unisex headdress with a stylish elongated shape is ideal for a teenager. The laconic design makes it as versatile as possible, that is, it can be offered as a companion product with almost any purchase;

demi-season panama hat for boys and girls. The novelty of the spring season is a panama hat made of a jacket fabric with a lacquer gloss, insulated with aselex. The perfect thing for spring and autumn, when the sun warms up, but not too much. It is made in accordance with trends, including repeating the now popular South Korean teen fashion. Due to the accent trim, it is wonderfully combined with outerwear from the spring collection G’n’K;

winter panama made of eco-fur with aselex. And this is a novelty of the winter season: a faux fur hat for teenagers, which just fits perfectly into the trends of the upcoming winter season. Soft and warm, it is also additionally insulated with aselex. Looks great with down jackets and coats;

insulated scarves for girls can be offered to parents who are no strangers to originality, and who are happy to respond to new unusual trends. The scarf is warm — suitable for winter, because it is insulated with synthetic fluff. Presented in stylish shades and versatile black, which will fit into almost any image of G’n’K;

a bag for a girl. A small but very roomy accessory in the style of a "shopper", where a book or A4 magazine, several standard-sized books, a sketchbook or notebook, stationery and a phone will fit. Due to the materials, the jacket fabric and filler, as well as the design with a large stitch, looks good in combination with outerwear. You can wear it to school, you can wear it just like that. These things can and should be offered to customers as related products.

How to sell related products?

The technology of selling related products is called "cross-selling", or cross-selling. This works in almost all areas, even in cafes, waiters offer the client something accompanying, whether it is an additional topping or dessert. / Cross-selling relies on the skill of the seller: only he will be able to offer the goods so that the client realizes its advantages and agrees to the deal. However, some techniques will simplify sales. What techniques are meant: Ready-made solutions. This often means sets: for example, combo dishes in cafes or gift sets in cosmetics stores, pencil cases filled with stationery, etc. In the case of children's clothing, it can be ready-made sets on mannequins, beautifully decorated and equipped with accessories.

Registration of cash zones. A rack with caps can be placed near the cash register, as well as shelves with accessories. The idea to purchase a related product to the selected jacket may arise from the client while he is waiting for his turn to pay for the goods. Here, the seller-cashier can also offer to buy a bag or a hat.

The right merchandising. In the case of offline sales, there is nothing more important than the correct placement of goods. When planning a store, you need to initially work out the "route" of the client: how will he go, what will he look at?

But the most important and necessary thing is staff training and motivation. Best of all, the average check is increased by sellers who know what, how and when to offer the buyer. To do this, it is necessary to conduct training, stimulate activity and initiative, as well as to ensure that the staff is perfectly versed in the assortment.