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22.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

G'n'K is on trend!

Well-known expert practitioner, specialist in the field of trends and trends in Russia, founder of the first Russian trend bureau Trendsquire Ksenia Leri is constantly looking for the latest and most relevant trends.At the international exhibition «CJF– Children's fashion» Ksenia visited the exhibition stand of the brand G’n’K.


This year, the stand of the brand G’n’K broke all records in attendance, managers worked on the site non-stop. The appearance of Ksenia Leri was a surprise that cheered up the Moscow audience. The expert conducted an informal trend tour, in which she paid great attention to the brand G’n’K  and, using the example of the new winter 2019/20 collection, told about the trends of children's clothing waiting for us next year.


First of all, Ksenia drew attention to the quality of the products of the brand G’n’K and their unique design, noting that it corresponds to all the trends of the current season, and this, in turn, attracts potential customers. The specialist also highlighted a well-chosen color palette consisting only of fashionable shades of the season, emphasizing that the color of clothing is paramount for the child and his perception, as well as the fabric from which the products are created. At G’n’K these are natural materials, fillers, fabrics and fur. The actual silhouettes of all the presented models also deserved approval. The verdict at the end of the presentation was positive, and for the team G’n’K – inspiring for even greater achievements.

 «G’n’K is a wide audience in Russia focused on personal status and its improvement.

Ksenia Leri


Video: G'n'K