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Company "Evernit"– hosiery factory, established in 2007 in Vladivostok. Since then, the company has been dynamically developing and expanding, and now a team of 25 people is working on it to create high-quality socks of a wide range: women's, men's, teenage, festive, for sports or custom-made.The company's motto is embedded in the name of the products: «Evernite» is always flawless!». 


Everneat hosiery


In the production of socks Everneatspecial attention is paid to the anatomy of the human foot. All socks Everneat have a flat supra-elbow seam, which is created by a special automatic linker and a special knitting technology. A thin seam does not injure the cuticle of the toenails and does not "stuff" calluses, especially in tight shoes. At the same time, the product remains very durable. Elasticity and tighter leg girth is provided by a double elastic band, into which a natural latex thread is woven, which does not leave traces on the ankle even when wearing socks for a long time. 


In the production of Everneat , only high-tech Italian and Korean equipment is used, which is regularly updated and replenished. Over the 11 years of operation of the factory, its equipment fleet has been increased 3 times.  


Everneat hosiery


All socksEverneat are knitted exclusively from combed cotton yarn of Indian and Italian production. This thread is very smooth, rolls down less, and the product looks like new for longer. Thanks to the technology of active dyeing, cotton does not shed and retains its color after repeated washings. And so that hosiery products products  Everneat serve longer, do not deform during washing and wearing, elastane and spandex from the best manufacturers are added to them.  


High quality socksEverneat are:

  • correct sizes of all socks;
  • smooth edges of socks that do not twist;
  • double elastic band;
  • reinforced heel and toe;
  • socks hold well when worn and do not fall off;
  • two-layer structure that creates comfort;
  • preservation of properties during washing and drying;
  • color retention during washing;
  • smooth and flat seam;
  • compliance with GOST and sanitary standards.

Everneat hosiery


Socks Everneat are distinguished by a variety of designs, rich colors, interesting prints and patterns. The Everneat team also creates socks for individual orders of any complexity: for a certain type of branded suit, with the logo of their sports team or club, or with a favorite character. 


In the production of socksEverneat , the emphasis is on quality, convenience and aesthetic appearance, which is so highly appreciated by customers.