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25.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

ENDEA show at Moscow Fashion Week: results

On March 21, the company ENDEA presented at Fashion Week in Moscow a collection of the season autumn-winter 2019/20 called Meeting point. Winter. To work on the industrial collection, the company has been attracting the designer of the brand IVANOVA for the second season, Yulia Ivanova. A new approach to the creation of the company's collections consists in the development of capsules, each of which has the maximum compatibility of clothing items with each other and the right balance of trends and functionality.

The collection Meeting point. Wintercontains shades of a long winter time, including the trending Rocky Road (rocky road), Dark Cheddar (dark cheddar), Eden (the color of the forest) and Everning Blue (the color of the evening sky), diluted with bright splashes of azure, mint and mustard tones. Light and airy viscose and soft flowing knitwear, the head of the design team ENDEA and the stylist of the collection Yulia Ivanova suggested combining with super-virtual down jackets and faux fur models, creating multi-layered sets for every day. And the designer recommended trying to combine perfectly fitting trousers with dresses of a straight or semi-fitting silhouette. For the wonderful moments of magical December with its Christmas lights, designers have created a special capsule full of color and glamour, combining comfort and the brightest trends of the world's catwalks.


ENDEA show at Moscow Fashion Week: results of

A special place in the company's work is given to the use of exclusive prints specially designed for capsules Solo by Endea and corresponding to the most relevant trends of the season according to the trendzone of the exhibition Premiere Vision in Paris, which distinguishes the products from models of other companies.


Main features of the collection:

  • exclusive prints specially designed for capsules, in several color solutions;
  • each capsule is equipped with things that solve the problems of women with all possible types of figures: in any capsule there are ready-made solutions that allow you to choose an image taking into account the natural characteristics of each woman;
  • the mood of the collection is set by the symbol on the basis of which an exclusive print is created - an interpretation of a drawing by a young artist. The cat is a freedom-loving, curious, adventurous and at the same time very homely and comfort-preferring character. He creates the image of the collection. Products Solo by Endea are distinguished by a lining printed with the same author's pattern, which also flaunts on knitted knitwear, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and metal chevrons in the form of a cat decorate jackets and other products;
  • the designers of ENDEA offered women the opportunity to try on an ultra-fashionable combination of dresses and trousers (available in several capsules); 
  • a fashionable solution to any classic image of a blouse with actual voluminous bows, which may also have the option of wearing a tie
  • distinctive features of several capsules: a combination of fabrics of the same structure with a different pattern. And if this trend is gaining momentum on the world catwalks is presented in a grotesque form, then in the capsules Solo by ENDEA the designers correctly adapted it for the Russian realities of life; a large block of knitwear, which can diversify any capsule, is presented in various color solutions (from black and milk to combinations of shades of the same color in one product) and in various textures and densities. Knitwear of a fairly loose cut, made taking into account the current trend of "oversize" and the trend of layering; 
  • the outerwear block is represented by both current down jackets and new ones for the collections ENDEA – products of their artificial fur; 
  • availability of a large number of blouses and women's shirts necessary for every woman, both in classic and complex trendy colors;


Special heroes – pets of the YUNA Rehabilitation Center for Temporarily Homeless Animals brought notes of softness and warmth to this explosive fashion cocktail. Without the seals, the picture of the autumn-winter collection could be incomplete. Well, who if not they are the main characters of long and cozy winter evenings?


The images of the collection ENDEA complemented the author's bags of the brand Balagura. Each of these bags is exclusive, as it still exists in a single copy. Accessories Balagura for many years remain recognizable due to the style and decoration. Depending on the designer's idea, the author's hand-painted or exclusive fashionable print repeating the print of clothing items becomes a bright accent on them. A trendy combination of the future autumn-winter season was also presented on the catwalk: in one image there are two accessories at once - a large functional bag, where you can even put a spare wardrobe and a minimalistic clutch for the most necessary.


Photo: Igor Strazhin