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12.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

Endea: meeting place – Moscow Fashion Week

On March 21, 19:00, the trademark Endea will present the collection of the season autumn-winter 2019/20 on the catwalk Moscow Fashion Week in Gostiny Dvor. The collection was named Meeting Point. Winter ("Meeting Point.Winter»).


SOLO by Endea autumn-winter 2019/20


The Endea group of companies has been operating on the Russian market for more than 15 years. Starting with the production of trousers with a perfect fit, the company increased its production capacity and human resources, resulting in the production of a full range of women's clothing, its own factory in the Vladimir region and a partner network throughout Russia. The target audience of the brand is businesswomen with average and above average incomes.


SOLO by Endea autumn-winter 2019/20


In a world of trends changing every season, any brand in fashion needs to live by the principle of Lewis Carroll's heroine: "You need to run as fast as you can just to stay in place, and to get somewhere, you need to run at least twice as fast!» For more than the first season, the company Endea produces both a basic set of things and capsule collections SOLO by Endea, putting in each capsule the maximum compatibility of things with each other and the basic wardrobe, thereby ensuring the right balance of catwalk trends and functionality.


The brand did not just "try" a new ideology: today a fashionable commercial product for a wide range of customers is created by a group of designers headed by Yulia Ivanova.

Brand IVANOVA – repeated participant of MBFWRussia; creator of a joint clothing collection with the actor Maxim Averin. The effectiveness of Yulia Ivanova as a designer of the brand Endea provides her excellent education and extensive experience   being in the profession for more than 20 years, designer he realizes that there is a big difference between how to show things on the podium as much as possible, and how to wear these things in real life.


SOLO by Endea autumn-winter 2019/20


When creating capsules SOLO by Endea of the autumn-winter 2019/20 season, the design group was guided by the motto "limited ingredients" unlimited possibilities!», combining comfort and functionality with the bright trends of the world's catwalks and adapting them to the realities of life in our vast country, without going into the wilds of creativity. The design group Endea is convinced that the new collection SOLO by Endea will inspire customers to approach the season with new views and plans: designer capsules will be able to meet the needs of both trend-following fashionistas and lovers of functionality.


A special place in the development of models is given to the use of exclusive prints specially designed for capsules SOLO by Endea and corresponding to the most relevant areas of the season according to the trend zone of the exhibition Premiere Vision in Paris, which distinguishes the brand's products from models of other companies working for mass the consumer.


SOLO by Endea autumn-winter 2019/20


The image and mood of the collection autumn-winter 2019/20 is set by a freedom-loving, curious, adventurous and at the same time very homely and comfort-preferring character – cat.The basis for the exclusive print, which can be seen in various interpretations in the models of the collection, was the author's drawing of the young artist. The print on the clothes is also an attempt by the company Endea to convey an emotional message and the degree of involvement in the trend for social responsibility and assistance through the podium: the show will be attended by live characters of the collection – pets of the first multifunctional rehabilitation center in Russia temporarily homeless animals «Yuna».


In the company's understanding, fashion cannot exist separately from the processes of the outside world. In this story, it is an opportunity to actively involve a person in interaction with him, a response to the growing desire in the world to be closer to nature and once again a reminder that if animals are only a part of life for us, then for them we are the whole life.


SOLO by Endea autumn-winter 2019/20


The stylistic interlacing of the collection is complemented by accessories: specially for the display of the brand Endea by the brand of a young Moscow designer Alla Balagura (Balagura) has created a collection of bags, each of which is handmade. Thus, it is not the first time that the company is trying to take a broader look at the image of its customer, offering completeness and verified stylistics with possible options.


SOLO by Endea autumn-winter 2019/20


The concept of the lookbook of the autumn-winter 2019/20 collection, which was not accidentally shot in the walls of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, is the story of a stylish, educated, creative and thinking woman, looking with ease and interest into the future, which is impossible without beauty, without previous experience and without inspiration. Clothes for her are a way of communication.The geometry of the cage and stripes, fashionable colors, subtle informality of classic things, the trend for environmental friendliness, unexpected combinations of textures, imposing simplicity and subdued eclecticism of silhouette podium forms for everyday life.


Photo: Igor Strazhin