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15.01.2019 | Альбина Весина

SOLO by Endea – start of sales!

SOLO by Endea – these are convenient universal capsule collections that consist of 7–12 things united by one style and theme, as well as the principle of combining them with each other.


The concept of the collection is based on movement, the rhythm of modern life and develops around the image of a resident of a megalopolis, who needs to feel comfortable during a busy working day and not only demonstrate to others the knowledge of fashion trends.


SOLO by ENDEA spring-summer 2019


ENDEA believes that a woman does not need to try to adapt fashion to her age or age to fashion. A woman should follow the path of an individual approach to her own wardrobe, harmoniously combining all its components with each other and successfully stylizing classic solutions and trendy elements.


The brand's designers work with different textures, work out the cut, pay special attention to accessories and color, because it is the color and the trend combination that distinguish the products of ENDEA. Often in capsules SOLO by Endea, textile design becomes a carrier of history and mood as a means of expressing information. The brand works with one of the trendsetters of the exhibition Premiere Vision, a leading player in the textile design market– company Solstudio.


SOLO by ENDEA spring-summer 2019


The most modern and bright prints from the textile design studio appear on products that are produced in a limited edition. Drawings from the group of textile companies Solstudio are applied only to fabrics ENDEA. This is the calling card of designer capsule collections – exclusive ideas and prints that you will not find in any other brand. In each print, as well as in each product made of printed fabric, the creators invest the whole spectrum of new moods, forecasts, and the information field surrounding us. That is why the capsules SOLO by Endea have their own history, spirit, rhythm and sense of life.


SOLO by ENDEA spring-summer 2019


Verified silhouettes and shapes with fashionable use of exclusive prints, bold colorblocking, a mix of materials and relevant accessories allow a woman to experiment with the mood. For example, the must have season – wardrobe items made of lace fabric – create a romantic mood that can be unexpectedly turned into a sporty one by combining a dress with trousers or wearing a bright printed bomber jacket.


SOLO by ENDEA spring-summer 2019


The mood of lightness in a big city is set by clear graphic forms and bright saturated colors: active blue, saturated red, coral make you plunge into the atmosphere of spring freshness and crazy summer.


SOLO by ENDEA spring-summer 2019


Sets for evening outings were not left without attention: bright and sparkling, incredibly elegant pantsuits with perfectly tailored jackets in the style of a tuxedo can become a universal thing for every woman.


You can view the new collection Solo by ENDEA SS 19and place an order for your favorite models in our catalog.

Be inspired by the spring mood together with ENDEA!

Photo: ENDEA