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29.10.2018 | Альбина Весина

Showing the new ENDEA SS 19 collection

On October 25, 2018 on the catwalk of Fashion Week in Moscow, a new collection of the brand ENDEA of the SS 2019 season called "MIX & MATCH" was shown, created by  in cooperation with the brand IVANOVA,who has repeatedly participated in various Russian fashion weeks. DesignerYulia Ivanovaacted as the fashion stylist of the collection and the show.



ENDEAGroup of Companies has been working in the fashion industry for more than 15 years and offers the Russian consumer a wide range of beautiful and understandable clothes, basic dresses, pantsuits, blouses, skirts and others wardrobe elements necessary for a modern woman.



The brand uses a non-standard promotion model that distinguishes it from its competitors. ENDEA understands that any commercial collection needs an interesting live visual series reflecting the DNA of the brand, and the consumer on the shelves is looking for not just an abstract set of things for his wardrobe, but also tools for self-expression, finding himself and his place in the world of trends. Fashion today in the understanding of the company is a special language that allows you to combine general trends and a specific person.


That is why the show was built on movement in the rhythm of modern life and developed around the image of a resident of a megalopolis, who needs to feel comfortable both during a busy working day and in other life situations, and demonstrate to others the knowledge of fashion trends.



Despite the fact that the fashion show was made without the involvement of high technology, the mood of the show was created by a perfect combination of clothes, a soundtrack from DJ Eteri Bersenevskaya and the textured faces of the models.



Age models also defiled on the podium – in the understanding of TM ENDEA, a woman at any age should not try to adapt fashion to age or age to fashion, but follow the path of an individual approach to her own wardrobe, harmoniously combining all its components with each other and successfully using classic solutions and trending elements.



The collection «MIX & MATCH» includes several independent capsules, united not only by the name, but also by the principle of the layout of their constituent models among themselves. Verified silhouettes and shapes, actual images in which exclusive branded prints and bold colorblocking are actively used, materials and accessories are mixed, allow a woman to experiment with the mood. So, a must have of the season   lace   creates a romantic mood, which with a slight movement of the hand turns into... sporty. Unexpected reincarnations are achieved through a mix of dresses with trousers or bright printed bombers.



The mood of lightness in the big city was set by clear graphic forms and bright saturated colors: active blue, rich red, coral and forced the audience to plunge into the atmosphere of spring freshness and crazy summer.



Sets for evening outings were also not left without attention: bright and sparkling or incredibly elegant pantsuits, with perfectly tailored jackets in the style of a tuxedo, which are a universal thing for every woman.



The aesthetics of the brand ENDEA is more about "style", and not about fleeting "fashion". The heroine of the brand's collections does not chase trends, does not try to prove anything to anyone every day, but simply demonstrates their good taste and status, feeling confident and comfortable in any life situation.


Photo: Igor Strazhin