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18.09.2018 | Альбина Весина

ENDEA: we are working!

Brand ENDEA, producing women's clothing and fulfilling orders of large federal retail chains of Russia, has its own production in the city of Sobinka, Vladimir region. To date, the company's team consists of more than 130 people.Many of them have been trained in sewing skills directly within the walls of the factory, in a special training center. And they all agree on one thing: those who want to work are waiting here.



By recognition Svetlana Vasekho, General Director of the ENDEA Group of companies , the creation of her own production of a continuous and stable cycle in Russia was her long-standing dream.And dreams, as they say, must be fulfilled.


Building an independent business is certainly much more difficult than cooperation with Chinese or Turkish manufacturers.But at the same time it is much more interesting. And as a result, high-quality products are obtained, which can be rightfully proud of, because all the things of the company ENDEA are made by the hands of Russian workers and on Russian soil.


The basis of the factory's work is a stable production cycle. The production is planned in advance, the company has its own design bureau, where samples are developed together with the designer, which after approval go into mass production. Volumes are constantly increasing, as consumer demand for domestic goods is growing, and the geography of the brand's partners is expanding from the south of Russia to Kamchatka.The professionalism of the staff and discipline allow us to solve one of the main tasks set by Svetlana Vasekho, – quality, quality and quality again!


The priority of the company is reliable people, professional staff.Factory employees receive a stable salary (which, by the way, is higher than the industry average starting from September 1 of this year, the average salary of a seamstress will be 33,000 rubles), are provided with a full social package and comfortable working conditions. The factory successfully passes the certification of workplaces.There is a stereotype that working in a factory is hard and low-paid, but this is not always the case, and it is just in the companyENDEAthat working as a seamstress is both profitable and prestigious.


The management of the ENDEA factory invests not only in technical and raw materials, but also in human resources. Both very young people without experience with sewing equipment and qualified seamstresses come here. There is a licensed Training Center at the factory, where everyone can undergo vocational training with subsequent employment or improve their professional level and continue working at the factory. The training program is designed for three months, during which students receive a scholarship in the amount of the minimum wage, and according to the results of the certification they are issued a certificate with the qualification of a seamstress of the 2nd category. It is also important that upon completion of training, new employees are met by a friendly team ready to help with adaptation in the workplace.


«Today you rarely hear from me «I» when it comes to the factory. Now it's «us», «our production», «our factory».

Svetlana Vasekho, General Director of the ENDEA Group of Companies

Much attention is paid at the factory to creating optimal working conditions for its employees, equipping production with modern production lines and, as a result, achieving high labor productivity. And the most important:From the first days of work here, emphasis is placed on product quality, on the continuous development of both production and each employee. The management firmly knows the simple truth:The success of an enterprise depends not only on the team as a whole, but also on each employee in particular, on how much he is rooting for the final result.


Photos provided by ENDEA's press service.