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07.09.2018 | Альбина Весина

"Not about business" with Svetlana Vasekho

Specially for the magazine "Fashion magazin" Svetlana Vasekho, CEO of the Endea Group of companies , answered 10 personal questions. Excerpts from this interview are given here, and you can read the full version in the latest, September issue of "MM".



Svetlana Stakhovna, why did you decide to engage in the fashion industry?

"I started my career in difficult but unforgettable times when everyone loved to dress well. But most often it was individual (or even independent) tailoring or something brought to the country from abroad. Probably, as for every woman, clothes for me are primarily emotions and presentation of oneself to others. After all, women are inherently maximalists. Going on a "hunt" for the next wardrobe item, we want the perfect fit, comfort and quality. And of course, fashionable accents. Moreover, the formula "nothing to wear" works flawlessly at any age and region of residence. For me, it worked decades ago, after working with Chinese and Turkish manufacturers, I began to dream of my own full-cycle production, where you can track all the nuances of the cut together with designers and technologists, choose a color, make a complete set, taking into account our Russian market and the incredible expanse of our country. And in 2003 I finally came to the decision to open my production in Russia. And it all started with a dream of beautiful clothes.



–What do you know how to do best? 

– As it turned out, to negotiate. If you want to cooperate with a person, you need to clearly formulate your own expectations. And, accordingly, to hear the interlocutor, his argumentation and view on the subject of the conversation. I am of the opinion that everyone has their own interests and desires, but they can still change in the process of communication and lead to joint decisions. Neither with my relatives, nor with colleagues, nor with partners, I never play a zero-sum game when one wins as much as the other loses.


– If not for the fashion industry, what would you like to do?

For me, any occupation is a global process. Having understood its subtleties, you want not just to lead it, but also to make the surrounding people believe in it, so that their eyes light up, so that the product turns out to be of high quality and necessary. I am probably one of those lucky people who really enjoy what they do, despite the obstacles, difficulties, inconsistencies. Probably because I wanted to, I got involved in this industry. She also made my outlook on life brighter and more colorful. And I don't want to give it up at all!


It's very easy to get the latest issue of "MM" with a full interview with Svetlana Vasekho, it's enough to subscribe to the electronic version of the magazine by passing by the link.


Photo: Endea