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Trouser set

Vendor code: M-860

Pantsuit, three-piece, consisting of a jacket, trousers and blouse.

Jacket of a semi-fitting silhouette,a lined shelf, with a central clasp for 1 loop and a button up to the bend of the lapel. Details of the front with two cut-off barrels, a pocket is processed in the side of the shelf. Back with a middle seam and two cut-off barrels. Turn-down collar of the jacket type. The sleeves are double-stitched. Trousers are straight, with an average fit. Trousers on the belt with a clasp for 1 loop and a button, and a codpiece with a zipper. On the front halves there are side pockets with an inclined entrance. There are waist tucks on the back halves of the trousers. Blouse with a straight silhouette. Round neck. A shelf with chest tucks coming from the side. The back is edged with a drop and a fastener for a hinged loop and a button. The sleeves are sewn in, with pleats at the bottom and cuffs with a clasp for 2 loops and buttons. 

164/42-44-46 - jacket length - 66 cm, sleeve length - 63 cm, pants length - 101 cm.

164/48-50-52 - jacket length - 67 cm, sleeve length - 63 cm, pants length - 101 cm.

42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52
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