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Chinos trousers for a boy

Vendor code: 341.31

The brand of collectible children's clothing Choupette presents a novelty of the school collection "College": chinos trousers for a boy of universal gray color. The product will perfectly complement a school suit, and in everyday wear it will become a fashionable alternative to the usual jeans. The comfortable cut provides freedom of movement and does not restrict the child at all. Natural cotton and wool are supplemented with a small amount of synthetics – it makes the material more wear-resistant and elastic. Such a product practically does not crumple and is easily erased, maintaining an attractive appearance throughout the entire period of use. To buy gray chinos Choupette trousers for a boy means to remain fashionable and modern under any circumstances.

height from 122 cm to 170 cm
Free warehouse
Retail price:
2 380 rub.