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20.08.2019 | Анна Консон

Choupette does not stop there

In the summer of 2019, the brand TM Choupette was closely engaged in the development and promotion of its franchise. The impetus for a new stage in development was the expansion and demand for the purchase of new franchises around the world. The transformation of the brand began with the expansion of the size range, and later developed into the development and implementation of a new store concept. But Choupette did not stop there. 

"The highest priority for the company now is the development and expansion of both our own retail stores and the promotion and training of our franchisees" comments Anastasia Vasilkova. "Working with Lynn Irons has already begun to bear fruit, after conducting trainings in the main office, we realized that he was exactly the consultant that the company needed for a long time."

Lynn Irons, a business coach and consultant with 40 years of experience, has conducted master classes and trainings in more than 26 countries. He has been working in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine for the last 4 years. He built a consulting company in America, trained 25 consultants to make clients successful. 


"I trained them how to analyze a business and know what needs to be done to increase revenue. You need to be in constant communication with the client and they could understand the strengths and weaknesses. Indicators are very important, as are seminars, workshops, master classes, trainings," comments Lynn Irons.


At one time, Lynn was also the owner of a franchise, which he bought at the stage of decline, and in just 2 years he made a successful business out of this franchise, which entered the top of international ratings. 

"It is possible to develop franchises only by pursuing 2 goals: 1. to want to become more successful; 2. to want to become richer and make a profit. If your franchisees understand this and want it, then everyone wins, like Choupette so the franchisee» comments Lynn Ironwith. After spending about 30 hours with the Development Director of Choupette, analyzing and thinking over how to achieve success, we came to the conclusion together that the goal of the project is to teach franchisees to be successful. And working together and moving in the right direction will raise everyone's income.


The joint pilot project is based on motivation, competition and competition - this is the most important thing in promoting any business. Work for prizes great motivation. This is the basis of the training program by Lynn Irons, which is gradually being introduced into the company TM Choupette and will be gradually used in working with franchisees. The results of the first wave of the project will be clear by the end of September 2019, 22 Choupette franchises will take part in the project.


Photo: Choupette