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29.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

Anastasia Vasilkova – with hope for the best

Anastasia Vasilkova, Development Director TM Choupette, as a representative of one of the top franchising companies, gave an interview to the newspaper Kommersant. In a note titled «With hope for the best» Anastasia shared the achievements of the company TM Choupette and further plans and prospects.



"Choupette" is a Russian brand of designer clothing for children from 0 to 12 years old. In 2017, the company celebrated its first anniversary of 10 years. If we talk about the franchising market, then, despite the current unfavorable economic situation there, we can boast of good results. Online sales growth was 14%, and this is despite the general decline in the market in our industry. The fall is primarily due to the impoverishment of the population, everyone has been talking about this for years, the information is not new. This process, in our opinion, will continue this year. At the beginning of this year, we already saw that people started saving on children. The beginning of the year for Choupette stores was not sad thanks to the trendy collections created by our designers this season. Our collections once conquered the world's leading fashion industry exhibition Pitti Bimbo and were very fond of our customers. If we talk about our niche of the children's monobrand, then this year it will definitely not be easier for its participants than in the past. And most likely it is even more difficult, since the competition of a monobrand begins to occur not with its own kind in this industry, but with monsters, large networks are the main threat to monobrands. Of course, each brand builds its own tactics and strategy for each year. We choose a strategy of continuous development, any stop or lack of development is the beginning of the end. Therefore, we are developing in terms of new cells of the assortment matrix, new product groups and new regions of development, as well as new marketing and PR moves. Our task is always to surprise our customer.


Source: "Kommersant"

Photo: TM Choupette