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25.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

Arabic capsule from Choupette

This season, the Russian children's clothing brand Choupette for the first time released a special capsule collection designed for orthodox and Muslim regions.

Arabic capsule from Choupette


Comments Anastasia Vasilkova, Director of Development Choupette: "This line of elegant dresses of the spring-summer season was created with small design features: longer skirts, closed shoulders, lack of transparent elements. At the same time, the style and, of course, the quality of the Choupette are preserved. So far, this is a limited line, but there is demand for it both in Russia and abroad. Initially, we planned it for the Middle East, but in the end we made the batch a little bigger to test in our country as well. This line is not yet available in all Choupette stores.


Recall that in the spring of last year Choupette opened a branded corner in Dubai, located in the Dubai Mall. Corner is part of a multi-brand fashion store for children. In the near future, the brand plans to launch a flagship boutique in the UAE.


It is worth noting that today the trend is rapidly developing all over the world, embodying the so-called decent fashion (modest fashion). The trend is gaining more and more audience, going beyond religious, cultural, social or political trends. Not only individual designers, but also global brands produce capsule collections, and large retailers open thematic sections that meet the needs of consumers of modest clothing.


Photo: TM Choupette