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Women's cap TAPAS

Vendor code: 3441623

3D tube technology. A comfortable cap made of Italian superkid mohair tied with a tweed pattern. The yarn is made using modern 3D tube technology, where viscose and superkid mohair fluff are blown into a polyester mesh nano-tube. This gives the product incredible lightness, chic volume, magnificent tactile sensations of softness and comfort. Visually, the yarn has a beautiful, two-tone weave, creating a sense of depth, volume inside the product and high cost. An incredible game of shades. All products undergo pre-washing and subsequent treatment with special formulations and steam to improve wear resistance and comfort. The structure of the wool after pretreatment acquires lightness, softness, frost resistance, becomes fluffy, not blown. Products retain a given shape for a long time. Wear it for a long time and with pleasure. Manufactured in Russia under the control and according to quality standards - Canoe. It is ideally completed with Gelty and Britney scarves, Idella snood scarf, Piano gloves and mittens.

dark lilac
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Retail price:
4 800 rub.