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Transformer Jumpsuit "Pencil"

Vendor code: M 3116/3

Cozy downy transformer jumpsuit for boys. Functional stitches. The inside of the hood and the cuffs of the sleeves are made of soft and delicate faux fur. The hood in the lower part passes into two details that provide additional insulation to the breast and are fixed with an overlap velcro tape. From above, the breast of the jumpsuit is fastened with buttons of contrasting colors. Zippers are located in the side seams. The zippers on the jumpsuit are protected from the inside by windproof straps. Adjustment of the front part of the hood is made using a cord-elastic band and clamps. The transformation of the jumpsuit into an envelope is carried out with the help of zippers.

20-74, 22-80
red and gray/cornflower and orange/turquoise and mint
Free warehouse
Retail price:
5 090 rub.