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Transformer Jumpsuit "Murchik"

Vendor code: M 3040/2

Universal insulated transformer jumpsuit for boys and girls. The trousers of the jumpsuit are quilted with squares. Under the button-fastened breast of the jumpsuit there is additional insulation, the closing details of the shelves, which are fastened with a ribbon "velcro". In this jumpsuit, we used a new, more convenient form of fastener - two zippers were placed not on the central part of the jumpsuit, but along the side seams. Which allows you to fully reveal the product when dressing the baby. The central part of the jumpsuit is decorated with a print - stylized cat and an English rhyme about it. Stars embroidered with silver threads complement the finish. The model for boys and girls differs in color scheme and placement of a bow at the cat. A zippered pocket is provided. The front part of the hood and the cuffs of the sleeves are treated with elastic tape.The transformation of the jumpsuit into an envelope is carried out with the help of zippers.

20-74; 22-80
purple and beige/purple and lilac/light blue and light green/green and blue
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Retail price:
4 350 rub.