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14.11.2017 | Лидия Соколова

These fashionable flowers

In the struggle to attract buyers, all means are good. Marketers and storefronters are especially familiar with this truth. Luring a customer to the store is one of the primary tasks of modern retail. And then all other methods are already connected, including the creation of children's corners in stores and the aromatization of premises with a variety of smells that encourage buying.


But what is good for large shopping malls usually does not work in chamber boutiques. What attracts children is usually not of interest to moms. Is there any universal tool that can be used both in a large shopping mall and an expensive salon? Of course there is. Fresh flowers.


Using their attractiveness for a wide range of buyers is not enough to look for new forms and images. Nowadays, there is a real scrapping of stereotypes and immutable truths. One of them is a combination of incongruous.


If you look at floral design from the height of the past years, you will have to admit:orchids have recently begun to decorate bouquets. And not only wanda. Even in the last century, just one flower in a box was considered a luxurious gift. Compared to the usual flowers, the orchid was like a jewel in a velvet case next to the costume jewelry.



And today phalaenopsis have flooded the window sills of our apartments and offices, and more and more often in this company there are more complex varieties that in the mass consciousness until recently were considered suitable only for professional greenhouses. Today we are no longer surprised by the colorful "butterflies" vand. They hover in shopping malls and decorate exquisite boutiques.



A vivid example of the modern trend to combine incompatible things was shown to us in Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Moscow Fashion House. It was here that the creative project of the communication platform took place Flower Experience with Dutch flower manufacturers represented by companiesJustChrys and Anco pure Vanda. They conducted a unique experiment by decorating the interiors of the atelier, shop and office with the works of the Russian florist Pavel Gorbenko. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich is known all over the world as an innovator who broke the stereotypes of attitudes to fashion in our country. With his talent, he made the whole world notice Russian fashion. Exactly Vyacheslav Zaitsev is able to combine very harmoniouslywhat seemed incongruous before him. Therefore, exquisite wands from a famous Dutch breeder, together with Dutch chrysanthemums, fit very well into the concept of such a multifaceted Fashion house.



This bold experiment revealed the hidden potential of the tool, which in our difficult days is not always used in the decoration of retail spaces. Of course, the quality of modern artificial plants has reached significant heights, but it is impossible to overestimate the attractiveness of the decor of fresh flowers. Especially if these are exquisite vandas and diverse chrysanthemums. Colorful suns and bright flower butterflies, they attract with their naturalness and quirkiness. They come in a variety of colors. They are very resistant to cutting. The fashion world loves these beautiful and seemingly incongruous flowers. They are universal. Bouquets and compositions, decorations and installations are made of them. They reign on the catwalks and in salons, they control the mood in shopping malls.


Photo: Alexey Popov