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02.05.2017 | Лидия Соколова

There is a buyer for Christian Dior

After the restructuring, the world leader in the sale of premium goods, LVMH Corporation, intends to simplify its structure, buy out shares and fully take over the prestigious Dior house, according to a company release. The forward in the luxury industry plans to make the pearl of the empire of billionaire Bernard Arnault the main vector of its development. 



LVMH is going to invest 6.5 billion euros in the purchase of a branch of the holding Christian Dior SA. According to LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, the buyout of Dior will be a significant event for the corporation.«Christian Dior Couture brand, created 70 years ago, has become the most prestigious in the world today. Under the brand name, products are produced in such segments of the fashion industry as leather goods, high fashion, ready-made clothing for women and men, jewelry and shoes. The brand's products are sold almost exclusively in a network of 198 boutiques around the world," Mr. Arnault said.