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28.04.2017 | Лидия Соколова

The "revolution" has happened

The contest is always exciting. And when creative people compete with each other, it is simply impossible to restrain emotions.


Yesterday, April 27, a real feast of creativity and beauty took place in Vyacheslav Zaitsev's fashion house. The high level of the XXIV Nadezhda Lamanova Professional Fashion Designers Competition obliged the participants to show real professional collections on a very difficult and multifaceted topic Revolution. A total of 24 collections participated in the competition.


Irina Burtseva, "The Last Summer of the Empire", photo Natalia Kulagina


The talent competition was held with the support of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and the agency "Artifact", which provided the Grand Prix of the Competition, and the National Academy of Fashion Industry, nominating the winner of the Grand Prix for national award in the field of fashion industry "Golden spindle" in the nomination "Debut".


The event gathered a unique audience of creative and talented people around it. Inspiration and creativity were literally in the air. The enjoyment of beauty, the youthful enthusiasm of talented creators, the joy for friends and colleagues – such moments in our life are the most unforgettable.


Tatiana Kolser, "Dressange", photo Natalia Kulagina


The jury of the Contest, chaired by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Academy of Fine Arts, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev, included leading Russian fashion professionals: Egor Zaitsev, Alla Shchipakina, Victoria Andreyanova, Anastasia Grenkova, Sergey Efremov, Vladimir Zubets, Alexander Zhukov, Yulia Popova, Elena Makashova and others.


The competition was extremely intense, the collections scored an identical number of points. Therefore, it was decided to divide each prize place among several participants. 


Alexey Mikhailov, "Urban dude", photo: Natalia Kulagina


Special prizes « For the disclosure of the topic » and «For professional skills » were received by Irina Burtseva, collection «The Last Summer of the Empire » and Natalia Rebrova, collection «Very, very…». The third place was shared by Irina Kryuchkova, the CINDERELLA XXI collection, and Elena Sokhatskaya, the Go Through a Century collection...». The second is Tatiana Kolser, a collection of   «Dressage» and Nika Shabashova, a collection of «O.M.M.P.». The first place was awarded to Alexey Mikhailov for the collection "City Dude" and Simkeviciute Kristina for the collection "God Save the Queen".


Mikhail Manakov, "Revolution XX", photo: Dmitry Babushkin


The Grand Prix of the exhibition was awarded to the collection Mikhail Manakov «Revolution XX»


Mikhail Manakov, "Revolution XX", photo: Dmitry Babushkin


I would like to say a few words about this collection separately. With an overall very high level of work, she stood out even emotionally. When the models of the Agency of Models Z’S MODELS – appeared on the podium, a sigh of admiration swept through the auditorium. Impetuous beauties in contrasting outfits made a real revolution capturing the attention of the public. Each bow separately, and the whole collection together is so harmoniously thought out and executed that it is simply impossible to evaluate the talent of a young fashion designer. The modern interpretation of constructivism, which originated in the twenties of the last century, innovative ideas, technologies and materials - all this perfectly revealed the revolutionary theme of the competition.


photo: Dmitry Babushkin


Grand Prix Competition named after.Nadezhda Lamanova - Anastasia Grenkova presented the grant for participation in the MBFWR in the fall of 2017.