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19.06.2024 | Амина Айзятова

The HEADQUARTERS of x Fashion pumping will hold a business breakfast on the topic of labeling

On July 4 at 11.00 the communication agency "HEADQUARTERS x Fashion pumping" will hold another business breakfast in Moscow. The topic for discussion will be "Labeling for sellers and manufacturers of clothing: how to ease this pain." At the meeting, the invited experts of the MoySklad service will tell in detail about the most pressing topic of the industry of recent times — labeling, and answer all the questions of concern to the guests.

In the discussion program: 

  • Labeling: everything that fashion industry entrepreneurs need to know. 
  • Automation and labeling. 
  • Demo: ordering marking codes, putting into circulation, wholesale shipment, acceptance and reconciliation of codes in the store, sale at the checkout.
  • How to withdraw marked goods sold in an online store or on marketplaces from circulation.
  • How much will the labeling cost?

The main speakers of the upcoming breakfast will be the head of the sales department of MoySklad Ivan Kirillin, product manager of MoySklad company and the leader of the labeling direction Elena Kochetova, as well as the founder of the communication agency and the TG channel Fashion-pumping Olga Steinberg.

You can purchase a ticket and find out more information right now on the official website of the x Fashion Pumping HEADQUARTERS.

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