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09.10.2018 | Юлия Ригби

Revole has entered the IPO exchange

Revolve, one of the largest retailers in the world with headquarters in Los Angeles, announced going public with an initial IPO.



American retailer that conquered Europe, recently submitted an application and open data on marketing, revenue and profit growth to the American The Securities Commission.The retailer intends to place primary shares on the New York Stock Exchange, which means that almost all market participants, including those playing in Russia, will be able to buy a part of the famous brand.



Revolve (Revolve Group Inc.) includes two online stores under the logos and , as well as almost 20 brands under the logoAlliance Apparel. In the USA there is a special law on the fashion industry, obliging companies entering the public stock market to disclose their data not only about profits, but also about spending on marketing andFacebook Instagram and Facebook. sponsorship of celebrities on social networks such as Instagram. And if the tripled net profit and sales this year at Revolve are only pleasing, then too rapid spending of the company's funds on organizing promotions with musicians and artists has somewhat alarmed the securities commission. As one of the company's executives admitted, only last year the retailer spent more than 55.5 million US dollars on marketing, this year the figures for marketing have already almost doubled, which shows the company's reporting.


During the first half of the year, US$ 36.5 million was spent in marketing expenses. And an active supporter of the development of online commerce, co-founder of Revolve Michael Mente (Michael Mente)I do not intend to save on this.


In the photo on the left: Michael Mente


Analysts believe that the rapid growth of advertising costs and promotion justifies itself, as does the support of bloggers and stars in social networks. It is thanks to this retailer Revolve Group Inc., according to American researchers, is considered the leader in popularity in online sales in the USA and Europe.



It is also impressively ahead of other retailers in promoting its brands and products. While at There are no special questions for the retailer on entering the IPO. Note that another influential online player Farfetch has already gone public and is successfully selling its shares on the stock exchange.


Photo: shutterstock, Revolve