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24.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

RALF RINGER has a new loyalty system

Shoe brand RALF RINGER has launched a new loyalty program for customers. At the first stage, a multifunctional CRM system was introduced in the network, which allows analyzing customers' purchasing activity, their personal preferences and, based on the data obtained, offering only interesting and profitable promotions, as well as unique offers and discounts. The possibility of individual customization for each customer in the near future will help the company to bring the dialogue with the consumer to a qualitatively new high level.


A new loyalty system and a new RALF RINGER store


At the second stage, the transition from the discount to the bonus program was made. Club RALF RINGER. In the new program, the regular benefit of buyers has increased to 25% with each purchase, compared to the maximum 10% discount under the old discount program. In addition to bonuses for purchases, the Club's clients will receive incentives for various actions, such as filling out a client profile, taking surveys, participating in contests, various promotions, and in the future this list will be expanded. Thus, RALF RINGER has created not just a loyalty system, but a single, understandable and profitable program for everyone with unlimited possibilities.


By the way, on December 21, the company opened a store in Yekaterinburg, in the Carnival shopping center.The new boutique will feature a wide range of shoes from the current winter collection RALF RINGERfor the whole family.