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17.04.2017 | Лидия Соколова

Prada: inexorable numbers

The release of the Italian Fashion house Prada SpA informs about the summing up of the last financial year. Due to falling demand in Asian markets, the company states the lowest net profit for the last 5 years: it decreased by 27% to 330.9 million euros compared to 450.7 million euros.

This turned out to be even lower than the forecasts of analysts surveyed by the agency Bloomberg, which on average predicted this figure at the level of 348 million euros.

Prada's real annual revenue decreased by 0.1% to 3.55 billion euros, and excluding changes in exchange rates, the indicator fell by 7.7%.



Despite the fact that the company's retail sales in the past year increased by 2.6% to 3.06 billion euros, a big impact on the final figures was a drop in wholesale sales by 16.5% to 444.6 million euros and, as mentioned above, a decline in salesPrada in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 4.4% to 1.08 billion euros.

And although revenue in Europe increased by 3.3%, the overall instability in the region had a negative impact on the indicators. 


Prada shares in Hong Kong over the past year have fallen by more than 40% to HK$ 25.65, their value is significantly below the level of the IPO held in 2011, HK$ 39.5.