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26.05.2017 | Лидия Соколова

General Meeting of SOYUZLEGPROm members

May 24 at The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation held the final general meeting of members The Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs.


The event was attended by the heads of all companies – members of Union, as well as deputies The State Duma of the Russian Federation, heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, CCI, RSPP, a number of public organizations, scientists, representatives of the media. During the event, along with organizational issues and summing up the results of its economic activities over the past 2016, the most pressing issues on the industry agenda were discussed. The audience stated that the streak of "survival" of the industry is basically over. Thanks to the support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Industry Development Fund, SME corporations and other structures, there have been breakthrough growth points (techtextile, leather and shoe sectors, and a number of others).



However, the difficult conditions of bank lending, the depreciation of the ruble, the illegal re-export of dumping and counterfeit products of the Russian Federation, along with the tax burden and the growing shortage of high-quality raw materials in many sub-sectors of the light industry, are these factors, according to the president of SOYUZLEGPROm Andrey Razbrodin.nbsp; and other participants of the meeting, provide unrelenting pressure on the industry.


Elena Dybova, Vice President of CCI of the Russian Federation, in her welcoming speech noted that, in general, the light industry is accelerating the pace of its development, and this trend is characteristic of more and more sub-sectors of the light industry. At the same time, the general economic situation is increasingly affecting the development of all manufacturing industries, including the light industry. And "the state machine", despite a more prompt response to trends in the industry, remains "still"inert, and therefore measures of direct or indirect support of the light industry are characteristic, as if "in pursuit". Which, of course, makes it difficult to correct the situation in any sectors of the light industry in a timely manner.


More information about the materials of the meeting can be found on the website СОЮЗЛЕГПРОМа.