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23.08.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

Foresight Camp: an alternative look at the FashionNet roadmap

On August 22, the opening of the Foresight Camp– the first thematic Foresight dedicated to the FashionNet market took place in Ples (Ivanovo region).


In his welcoming speech, the Governor of the Ivanovo region,Pavel Konkov, noted that since the opening of the Foresight Camp, dreams have become reality.

"This is going to be a serious brainstorming session! A holiday of thought! A celebration of the mind!»

 governor of the Ivanovo region,Pavel Konkov


The impetus for a positive dialogue of experts was the thesis voiced by the deputy director of the direction "Young professionals" ASI,Andrey Siling, that discussion is overcoming aversion to someone else's opinion. During the presentations, the experts discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the concept of the roadmap of the market FashionNet, presented by the head of the research group,Andrey Deineko. He developed the idea of the discussion and urged everyone to "start with a clean slate".


Based on the international experience of startup acceleration, fashion director of Faberlic, Andrey Burmatikov, said that the concept outlined in the roadmap looks unrealistic and populist."You don't need to create ten thousand brands, the main thing is to create world-class technology companies," he said.

"We have to be practical. Specific projects will come out of the camp. We will create the future. The future is inevitable!»

program director of the Foresight Camp,Kirill Ignatiev

In the coming days, the participants and speakers of the Foresight Camp will finalize the key provisions of the FashionNet concept, which will be presented at the final day of the camp.