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17.04.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Dress as a Word

From April 29 to May 1, 2018, the united national art project "Dress as a Word" will be held in Moscow.More than 200 representatives of the creative youth and children from various subjects of the Russian Federation. The project will gather the winners of the correspondence competitive events of the XVIII All-Russian Creative Assembly "Address of childhood" Russia". Young designers and fashion designers, theater collectives of fashion and costume will come to Moscow to attend the VII National School of Excellence, Youth Fashion, a New Style of Relationships. The jury members, including theater teachers, famous fashion designers, children's poets and writers, university professors, have a difficult task to choose the best.



The event is aimed at supporting and career guidance of young talents of Russia in the field of artistic creativity. A distinctive feature of the project "Dress as a Word" was the combination of two artistic directions - literary creativity and costume design. For the first time the project "Dress as a Word"" was successfully held in Moscow in 2015.


The word is clothing for the soul. Both the word and the dress are means of expressing a person's individuality, his personal character and worldview. The dialogue of the two directions continues, combining the forms of self-expression of the individual.


According to Lyudmila Belozerova, the author of the project, the president of the Charity Foundation "The Firebird Bureau" and the Support Center for Young Talents of Russia,the most important thing for a child is to find his vocation. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, which supports the annual festival, also agrees with this approach.


Competitive selections will be held in the front halls of the Izmailovo Kremlin, which will open its doors to young artists of the author's collections, inviting them to the world of national culture, antiquity and modernity. This year, students and teachers of Moscow Technological College No. 24 will meet with new project participants and discover the secrets of mastery in professional master class programs during the competition.


In the children's City of Professions,  located on the territory of «Moscow City », for young designers «Fashion » and masters of «Words » will be organized a creative competition of literary author sketches  on the topic «;Dress as a Word » and, of course, shows of the author's Costume in the nominations «Business Suit» and «Business Meeting ». 


The final chord will be the celebration of awarding high awards and diplomas to the Winners and Prize-winners on the stage of the city of masters "Masterslavl" and a great journey of all participants to the Great World of Professions.


Photo: Charity Foundation «The Firebird Bureau»