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02.06.2017 | Степан Максимов

A fresh look at the problems of retail at the conference "Marketing for shopping centers in crisis"

The 3rd practical conference «Marketing for shopping centers in crisis», dedicated to non-standard solutions that affect the increase in the profitability of shopping centers, will be held on June 22–23 in Moscow on the territory of the factory «Red October».


The founder of the project will tell about how the pop-up store and thematic markets can become an additional source of income for the shopping center, using the example of the Yarmark projectAlexander Peremyatov.


The experience of creating a new format of a modern department store on the example of Trend Island will be shared by Ekaterina Nozhkina, head of Trend Island in the shopping center "Aviapark".



Among other topics of the conference:

  • Emotions vs rationality. The modern buyer – who is he?
  • Is retail ready for a generational change? What will millennials like?
  • How to generate ideas out of thin air? Shopping center experience in small towns.
  • What non-standard forms and technologies of "event marketing" use shopping malls to attract and retain customers?
  • Neuromarketing, or How to get into the buyer's head?
  • Technologies of the future and their impact on the industry: AI, VR, BI, Machine Learning etc.
  • How to effectively use social networks to communicate with consumers?

These and other key topics will be discussed at the conference by the heads of marketing departments and managers of the best shopping centers in Russia, leading consultants and analysts.


More than 20 non-standard anti-crisis solutions, successful cases on building work, step-by-step algorithms from experts from different fields, communication with people who have succeeded, the conference will offer a fresh look at retail problems.