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04.10.2018 | Альбина Весина

50 million cards

Users of the applicationWallet, developed by a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation by CardsMobile, have already digitized about 50 million loyalty cards. In September alone, more than 5.5 million discount cards were added to the app.


«Wallet» – one of the largest loyalty card aggregators in Russia. The application catalog contains information about more than 200,000 loyalty programs of Russian companies. Half of all added cards belong to only 50 retail chains.The most popular loyalty programs are clothing and shoe stores (they make up a quarter of the cards added to the application), as well as grocery and perfume and cosmetics chains. The top ten leaders in the number of discount cards added to the Wallet in 2018 include: "Sportmaster", "Pyaterochka", O"STIN", "Ribbon",  «O’KAY», «L’Etoile», «M.Video», «RIVE GAUCHE», «Crossroads» and Gloria Jeans.

On average, users keep 16 loyalty cards in their Wallet. Every fourth card is issued without plastic and exists only in mobile format.


CommentsPhilip Shubin, Chief Operating Officer of the applicationWallet: "Each new record for the number of digitized cards brings us closer to the strategic goal of completely replacing the wallet in the user's pocket. The wallet has already saved people from 250 tons of plastic, and the pace of digitization of cards is only growing. The application allows you not only to transfer an existing card to your smartphone, but also to register in the store's loyalty program in a couple of clicks without receiving plastic. The partner stores of the Wallet issue from 33 to 100% of such cards through the application. These are new loyalty cards that exist only in mobile format and do not have a plastic analogue.

This year, dozens of the largest federal and regional retailers have joined the Wallet. The service cooperates with Russian retail chains and integrates with their CRM systems, allowing you to remotely register customers in loyalty programs.

For loyalty cards of partner retailers «Wallet provides more opportunities: users see their status in the loyalty program and the number of available bonuses, current promotions, purchase history, store addresses. The probability of a customer reusing such a card is 70% higher than for a photographed card.

Comments Olga Strelova, director of the Center for Innovative Technologies for Retail and Consumer Goods of the Skolkovo Foundation : "Modern buyers have from 10 to 50 plastic cards in their wallet, and still at least once everyone has faced a situation when at the checkout that the most necessary card is not with you. The Wallet application successfully solves this problem by freeing all parties from plastic, digitizing loyalty cards in customers' smartphones. Everyone wins: customers do not need to carry a physical card with them to get a discount, and retail chains – spend money on the issue of plastic and its delivery to the customer ».


Photo: CardsMobile press service