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Ilya Tikhonov – editor-in-chief of the project and the portal .


Graduate of the Kosygin Russian State University (MGUDT), CAD engineer.


Expert of the exhibition «Fashion industry».


Producer and editor of the book "Atelier. 100 questions and answers», editor of electronic versions of magazines «Atelier», Susanna MODEN and «Chic: Sewing and Cutting » and website of magazines «Clothing industry » and «Leather and shoe industry».



Member of the jury of the contestsFollowTheFabrika andGeneration NEXT.

Member of the Council of partners of the competition «Exercise» and expert Council of the competition «Fashion of Russia» (Russian Fashion Award).

Information partner of exhibitions  Fashion Industry» (St. Petersburg), Costume Jewelry» (Moscow), «Tekstillegprom», CHAPEAU, CPM– Collection Première Moscow, «Intertkan, Sport Casual Moscow, the All-Russian Forum of Light Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the forum Lepromforum, the Forum Textile Salon (Ivanovo), the National Academy of Fashion Industry (NAIM), Fashion houses Ivanova and MD Makhmudov Djemal, SOYUZLEGPROM Association, Journée Luxe conference (France's Business Mission), Sochi Style Young designers competition, PROfashion Masters project, Ples na Volga festivals. Linen Palette » and KAMWA (Perm), the National Competition of Children's Fashion Theaters «Golden Needle», the Moscow State Art and Industrial Academy named after S.G. Stroganov, «Fashion Week in Moscow. Made in Russia, Online Retail Russia and Fashion Retail Russia conferences (BBCG, Infor-media and Adam Smith Conferences), the Russian Silhouette Charity Foundation and the competition of the same name, as well as the BURDA FASHION START competition and many others.


Expert's news
15.04.2019 | Илья Тихонов
In March, the Union of Theatrical Figures of Russia (STD RF) presented the Young Theatre Fashion Weekend project for young theatrical costume designers.