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Fast fashion is a thing of the past. Increasingly, buyers are choosing in favor of quality and style. So now stylish designer clothes and brand uniqueness are in the first place. This is exactly the brand LO, created by designer Yana Nedzvetskaya. Having started her career 30 years ago, Yana has established herself as an innovator in the fashion world.



European education, experience working with international brands, today Yana Nedzvetskaya is known as a director, designer and fashion expert.In 1998, the company founded by Yana was visited by Hillary Clinton during a visit to Russia. The world editions of Vogue and Daily Mail write about Yana and her brand. In 2014, Yana held the world's first underwater show of the brand's collection, which was recognized as revolutionary by the most famous international critics.


LO clothing: a profitable investment


The uniqueness and competitive advantage of the brand LO is that all collections of the brand are copyrighted and designed personally by designer Yana Nedzvetskaya. Thanks to this, the client can assemble a capsule wardrobe that will meet all his requirements.



The brand's assortment includes clothes for the office, ceremonial outings, as well as things for leisure and everyday affairs. The functionality of the products allows you to mix them, creating different images. In addition, these things do not go out of fashion, because they have their own mood, without losing relevance.


LO: premium quality at an affordable price


Today the brand LO is a regular participant in leading fashion events and exhibitions. Over the 27 years of the brand's existence, more than five million people have become its customers, including the largest stars of Russian television, politicians, business owners and editors of fashion magazines.


The company has its own factory in the Moscow region. The brand's collections are made on modern sewing equipment with subsequent wet-heat treatment. High-quality materials and imported accessories are used in the production. The patterns are made by the haute couture method and propagated on modern CAD. This ensures a perfect fit on the figure.



The brand produces 12 collections of women's clothing per year, each collection has a limited edition and is perfectly combined with things from other collections. All products are made of fabrics using natural fibers.


Why it is prestigious and profitable to work with LO:


  • a brand with an impeccable reputation and a long history
  • brand awareness and designer name
  • the uniqueness of the collections that will set you apart from other stores
  • own production base
  • timely seasonal deliveries
  • showroom in Moscow, where all collections are presented
  • new collections every two weeks
  • a wide range: from outerwear, dresses and office clothes to sports capsules with original prints
  • size range from 42 to 52 sizes
  • ultra-precise patterns made on CAD using the author's technology, perfect fit on the figure
  • only high-quality materials and accessories
  • premium quality at a bargain price
  • developed sales system, training videos on collections
  • twice a week the designer's live broadcasts about collections with options of sets
  • provision of photo and video content for the partner's personal use