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Kiso Napa

Model: Drawing inspiration from the boots to conquer the mountains, we have conquered your hearts. The special design of the model made it soft, flexible and comfortable, like house slippers. Putting them on you will feel as if you are walking through the air. Kiso is the name of the valley of the river where Satori comes from.

Material:Napa- Solid cowhide 1.46mm thick. Slightly softened during drying, which makes it smooth and soft.

Sole: A unique development of the Satorisan team and the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia. Soft but durable EVA plastic.

Free warehouse
Bulk price:
### $
Retail price:
210 $
Условия сотрудничества с Satorisan

Warehouse: Moscow.


The shops:

  • Russia, Moscow, Extreme shopping center (Smolnaya str., 63-b, 3rd floor);
  • Russia, Moscow, Sport-Hit shopping center (Skolkovskoe sh., 31, building 1, 3rd floor);
  • Russia, Moscow, Oceania Shopping center (Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 57, 1st floor);
  • Russia, Krasnogorsk, Vegas shopping center (12 Mezhdunarodnaya str., 3rd floor);
  • Spain, Valencia, Calle Sorní, 25;
  • Spain, Madrid, Calle Almirante, 5.

Territorial coverage:Russia and CIS countries.


Delivery: To the transport company.


Pre-order: Delivery dates for the FW collection ("autumn-winter") – September, according to the SS season(«spring-summer») – mid-March.


Delivery of current collections from a warehouse in Moscow for test purchases and restocking.


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