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Vendor code: Top Sportivo

Seamless top for sports and active lifestyle. Perfect thermoregulation.

S/M, M/L
Pink/Black, Black, Bright Orange/Black
Free warehouse
Retail price:
1 899 rub.
Условия сотрудничества с Miss

We offer work on a permanent assortment matrix and promotions, individual orders. 

It is possible to place a pre-order for production.


Minimum batch: the order of the goods for tights and stockings is possible piece by piece, socks Turkey for 12 pcs., Italy for 6 pcs.


Minimum shipment amount: from 30 000 rubles (at the lowest dealer price).                                                       

Deferred payment is possible.


Delivery: guarantee of prompt and timely deliveries to the RC, the specified warehouse. Delivery in Moscow is free.


Working with electronic document management.


For the purchase of collections of hosiery, women's and men's underwearcompaniesMademoiselle wholesale register on the b2b platform «Fashion magazin» and send orders inside your personal account.

Communication directly with a Brand representative in your personal account, prices, discounts, shipment volumes, special conditions in one click!

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