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Round table on labeling
We invite designers, manufacturers and retailers of clothing, footwear and leather goods to participate in the round table "Introduction of traceability mechanisms, end-to-end control and labeling in the sale of clothing and footwear", which will be held on April 19 as part of the SPbFW Business Program.
"Intellectual property in the aspect of conducting foreign economic activity"
On March 21, within the framework of the 6th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials "Intercan-2019. Spring" will host a conference on intellectual property and customs legislation.
Customs legislation: results of 2018, prospects of 2019
On February 6, 2019, experts in the field of customs law and logistics will hold a business workshop on high-profile issues of foreign economic activity.
VAT 0%: What? Where? When?
About the zero VAT rate and the procedure for its confirmation when importing unique technological equipment, analogues of which are not produced in Russia.
Processing in the customs territory
Today's story is about the benefits of the procedure for processing products in the customs territory, expanding the horizons for business development in the textile and light industry.
VAT is not childish
Lyudmila Teselkina, CEO and founder of the consulting agency Just Logistics, an expert of the multi-channel b2b platform "Fashion magazin", talks about the features of preferential taxation of organizations selling children's clothing.
"Customs regulation of goods and light industry products"
On August 27, the first day of the V International Exhibition "Intertkan-2018. Autumn" round table "Customs regulation of goods and light industry products" will be held.
Go East: Russian fashion business mission to Jakarta
The zone of fashionable "coverage" has long gone beyond the traditional borders and stepped to the East. Lyudmila Teselkina, an expert of the multi-channel b2b platform "Fashion magazin", tells about the prospects of cooperation, direct and indirect benefits of the interaction of continents in the field of fashion.
Customs liability, or the Difficult share of light industry
What is the path of the domestic light industry, and how not to hand over the Russian clothing and footwear market to importers without a fight?
The mission is feasible: for fashion — to Italy!
Italy is the universally recognized capital of fashion, the citadel of style, which has given the world unique craftsmen and a grandiose school of sewing and design.
Customs value: how to calculate so as not to miscalculate
Is it possible to optimize the cost of customs clearance within the framework of legislation, while maintaining competitiveness in the fashion business? Let's figure it out.
Lyudmila Teselkina is included in the expert Council at the Federal Customs Service of Russia
On July 4, the order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia "On approval of the composition of the Expert Advisory Council for the Implementation of Customs Policy at the Federal Customs Service of Russia" was approved. Lyudmila Teselkina joined the council.
Export of new time
Nowadays, Russian manufacturers, initially focused only on the local market, are increasingly expanding the boundaries of sales.
Customs Dress code
One of the most difficult and demanding issues of customs clearance is the correct classification of goods in accordance with the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (HS).
Logistics of success
Participants of the Moscow Fashion Industry Forum named weak logistics and difficulties associated with customs regulation among the main reasons hindering the development of fashion business in Russia.