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Superfit – an Austrian brand of children's shoes produced by Legero. The brand's motto is: "Great responsibility for small feet".
The brand produces beautiful, fashionable, durable and very comfortable children's shoes for every day from the best materials with the use of innovative technologies.
The shoes of the brand Superfit have more than 70 years of history, while the brand has been developing its models together with pediatricians for the last 40 years. The experience of many years of development and achievements is used in the manufacture of each pair. The products of the brand Superfit are sold in more than 45 countries around the world, so the manufacturer places the highest demands on the quality of products. 
The success of the brand Superfit is due to the fact that these are shoes designed specifically for children.
The most correct thing for a child is to walk barefoot on the grass, but in modern realities this is difficult to achieve. That is why when designing shoes Superfit a lot of attention is paid to insoles. They are created in such a way that every step of the child is as natural as possible and contributes to healthy development. In Superfit shoes, a child walks on asphalt as if on grass.
In 2011, studies of Superfit shoes were carried out by leading orthopedists in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The products of Superfit were tested by 342 different specialists in the field of children's foot health. According to the results of the conducted research, 335 specialists, i.e. 98%, gave the shoes Superfit the highest rating.
Superfit is a shoe of innovation and high technology.
The shoe models Superfituse the technology of direct casting of polyurethane soles without the use of glue. This primarily makes the production process and the products themselves eco-friendly, and also provides them with unsurpassed lightness, which is a key factor when choosing children's shoes. In addition, this technology makes shoes stronger.
Among other things, the Superfit shoes use the GORE-TEX® membrane and the GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ system. These technologies provide models with water resistance and at the same time breathability.
Lightweight sole, soft and flexible rolling area of the foot, which provides a smooth transition from the heel, as well as breathable and waterproof materials and careful processing are the main parameters that determine the quality of shoes Superfit.
The collections of Superfit feature all the main models of shoes for boys and girls for any season. These are sneakers, sandals and sandals, BIO slippers, children's slippers, boots, half-boots and boots. 

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