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Pompa – Russian manufacturer of fashionable women's clothing and coats. High quality products, following the latest fashion trends, a wide range, as well as professionalism and vast experience are the main secrets of success Pompa.


Pompa brand on the Fashion magazin platform


Pompa – this:

  • unique designer and designer clothing models;
  • fabrics of the best European manufacturers;
  • 3 own factories for the production of outerwear and light clothing groups;
  • a chain of branded stores with an attractive design, comfortable fitting rooms and the most smiling consultants who are well versed in fashion;
  • 22 years on the market;
  • 40 regions;
  • 80 retail stores.


Demi-season and winter coats Pompa are made of high-quality wool fabrics and, in addition to the main line, include the iCoat collection in casual style and a limited collection of premium VLR coats. Their common feature is a combination of stylish images and modern technologies. It's warm in them! 


Innovation and pride Pompa – a coat with a high-tech membrane. Thanks to it, the products perfectly protect from wind, moisture and frost and at the same time preserve the elegance of silhouettes without weighting.


The light group annually produces more than 600 models (jackets, dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses).

Thanks to its own production, quality control is carried out at all stages of clothing creation.