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26.04.2022 | Лидия Соколова

Elegant bodysuits from LISCA

Body appeared in the 20th century as a version of sportswear and eventually managed to occupy its niche in casual clothing. And of course, the body can be called both a manifestation of elegance and eroticism.


Some models are made as corrective and tightening bodysuits, at the same time, sometimes a bodysuit can be used as part of an evening look.


The LISCA brand presents classic bodysuits of varying degrees of density, which can be worn as underwear, and some as ordinary clothing in combination with trousers or a skirt. 



Leg cutouts are not noticeable under clothing (seamless design), and the top of the bodysuit can be chosen with or without underwire. 



The photo shows the body of LISCA: IVONNE and JET


Bodysuits are comfortable to wear because they are sewn from special fabrics that are very pleasant and comfortable to the body. It is worth choosing a model clearly in size: if the body is small, it will be difficult to stay in it for a long time, because it will restrict movement, which increases the risk of edema. If the bodysuit is larger, it will stand out under the clothes.


And the last. A frequent question that haunts those who want to wear a bodysuit: whether to wear underwear under it? If the body itself is underwear, then it is no longer necessary, especially if we are talking about a corrective body model, if it is essentially your jacket, then it is better to wear it. 


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