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21.02.2022 | Лидия Соколова

Escapism and other main trends of the SS22 season on the example of the LISCA brand

Sofia Urumovich - one of the designers of the development department of Lisca today will introduce us to some of the key trends and fashion trends of the season SS22.


In 2022, consumers will strive for freedom through escapism and enthusiasm, will look for projects and ways that will make this possible. 
Difficult times often lead to the growth of minimalism in new features, which, consequently, leads to an increase in the trend towards simplicity.


Escapism - avoidance of unpleasant, boring things in life, especially by reading, thinking about something more interesting; escape from everyday reality into another reality, another reality, escape from reality.



This theme brings to the new season the main styles of swimwear - with flounces, ruffles and voluminous details. Feminine ruffles, elegant ruffles on the straps of swimwear, details of bras and high-cut underwear models emphasize and attract attention, creating interest in texture. Romantic shade and seductive attractiveness are back again!


Another leading trend is the New femininity style - to rediscover and embrace romanticism expressed in botanical motifs and delicate, soft color palettes. Drawing inspiration from picnic parties in the garden and meadows in late spring, floral forms awaken the freshness of new beginnings. Much attention is paid to soft feminine silhouettes, gentle flowing shapes and romantic details in the form of fabrics and finishes, bows and ties, which enhance the attractiveness of romantic floral arrangements. 



The New femininity style also reflects an obvious subtle retro trend - in an unstable world, the theme of travel still evokes a sense of escape from reality. Timeless, nostalgic images are very important.


According to many years of history and provincial roots, the village style will grow as consumers develop their connection with nature, and this is very important, because after the pandemic, vacation themes will continue to shift towards the countryside, country holidays and vacations.


Similarly, the intimate underwear design is inspired by the growing interest in outdoor recreation and is close to nature with romantic themes of rural heritage. Soft watercolors and carelessly painted foliage update the traditionally intricate floral prints. Carefully selected base delicate colors create expressive bright shades and create a warm, romantic story. 



Bright holiday


This theme explores the power of design to lift the mood and stimulate positivity. In this trend, joy and optimism will be perceived as necessary against the background of difficulties and limitations. Bright, joyful prints symbolize the desire of consumers for escapism in an exotic world. Spectacular colors and invigorating prints are at the heart of this trend. They are great for making a strong impression and celebrating joyful emotions with the help of bright and colorful visual effects.

Inspired by home art projects during isolation, there has been a new popularity regarding hand-made engravings. Expressive, vivid pictorial interpretations of brushstrokes in rich, deep, spectacular colors offer a new, updated look at swimwear styles. 



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