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28.11.2018 | Альбина Весина

Self-regulating thermal insulation non-woven fabric

At the V All-Russian Forum of Light Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the plant "Thermopol-Moscow" will show self-regulating thermal insulation for the first time. Experts call the novelty a real breakthrough.


«Thermopol» has created a new self-regulating thermal insulation nonwoven fabric for insulated clothing. Experts have defined it as the generation of innovations. The main feature of the new development Holofiber® THERMO the transformation of the absorption moisture accumulated in the subspace in the form of steam into dissipated heat, which is further accumulated in the layer of clothing, forming the most comfortable and safe temperature and humidity environment between thermal insulation and human skin.


Self-regulating thermal insulation nonwoven Holofiber thermo

The chief technologist of the company "Thermopol" Elena Mezentseva, co-developer of the products Holofiber explains that the novelty provides the conversion of kinetic energy of absorbed water vapor into thermal energy to maintain the temperature inside the clothing package, and Holofiber® THERMO is able to respond to physiological changes in a person –active movement, immobilized position, a sharp drop in external temperature, etc. Excessively absorbed moisture is convectionally removed from clothing even in a static position by partial pressure.

The domestic laboratory has recently completed a cycle of research measurements of the novelty. The developers note that Holofiber® THERMO is as close as possible to the once ideal model of creating a "pododezhny microclimate". This became possible thanks to the technologies of aerodynamic formation of a fibrous canvas , thermal bonding of chemical fibers of various types, their uniform laying in a conditionally porous medium in which an air mass with different temperature and humidity indicators moves at the level of the inter-fiber space. The developers are of the opinion that the technologies of self-regulating thermal insulation based on Holofiber® go far beyond the borders of the textile and light industry.


Self-regulating thermal insulation nonwoven Holofiber thermo


Comments Elena Mezentseva: "For 15 years we have been developing and serially implementing not only materials for insulated clothing, and we are well aware that our technology represents a significant prospect for the market of building materials, upholstered furniture and mattresses, bedding, shoes, etc. The processes of heat loss and thermal insulation on macro-objects (buildings, structures), pipelines, mechanisms, aggregates still require research and experimental implementations. Well, we lay the beginning of this process in the most understandable products for the general public - insulated clothing for subzero temperatures. And this is a real breakthrough!»


Photo: "Thermal floor"