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Grazina– elegance from an early age


Grazina ("Grazina") – Polish brand of children's clothing, founded in 1994. At the origins of the brand was a group of like-minded designers, designers and technologists, who believed then and are confident now that sewing children's clothes and creating children's fashion is a wonderful, albeit difficult thing. 

It's beautiful because it's very interesting and fascinating. And it is not easy because it is with clothes that the formation of taste and sense of style begins in children, and therefore in future generations.


Grazhina – stylish children's clothing


Beauty and quality


With this attitude, the brand Grazina produces children's elegant, school and casual clothes for girls.


All collections are developed taking into account the current trends of children's fashion and the features of the figures of children of different complexions. Only high-quality materials from European manufacturers are used in the production. Thanks to the wide range of the brand and the thoughtful cut in the collections of the brand, you can choose a beautiful and comfortable outfit for any child for school, walks with friends or special occasions.


All products of Grazina meet the requirements for the safety and environmental friendliness of children's clothing. Offering his customers clothes from Grazina, the store owner will acquire more than one generation of loyal customers who want to dress their children elegantly, elegantly and stylishly.