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Windbreaker for girls

Vendor code: S-693

Windbreaker-straight silhouette. The clasp is open, the central one has a zipper. The sleeve is sewn in, based on one-piece, with a curly armhole. There are zippered welt pockets on the front. The back is elongated, of increased volume, with a cut-off lower part, assembled at the bottom on the belt. The bottom of the sleeves is decorated with elastic cuffs. The bottom of the product, with curly cuts along the side seam, along the front is treated with obtachki. The edge of the hood-with an unregulated drawstring on an elastic band

An insert made of a separate fabric with a metallic sheen is the lower part of the backrest. Decorative zippers with rubberized braid - central closure, pockets. Designer pendant made of braid with a holographic logo - central clasp. The author's stripes with a lacquer coating are the lower part of the backrest. Decorative braid - sleeves
110, 116, 122, 128, 134 cm
pink/silver, dark gray/silver, pistachio/silver
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