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01.03.2018 | Альбина Весина

"CHANGE" for bright personalities

What do we think about when it comes to our children? In fact, about a lot. But the main idea is how to create conditions for their harmonious development so that children can realize their potential, succeed and be happy. And comfortable beautiful clothes are one of the necessary conditions for this.



The slogan of the brand «CHANGE» sounds like this: «Children's clothing and school uniforms for bright personalities». And these are not just words. When developing models, the company's specialists – designers, designers and technologists – treat children primarily as individuals –  already formed or just forming. Therefore, they do not consider it necessary to implement different images and fashion trends in the design of models, thereby creating the ground for aesthetic development and encouraging the child to independently choose his own style that reflects his interests and preferences.


The new advertising campaign of the collection for the school was shot by photographer Marina Pershina in the form of self-contained tokens, which can be called an Interest Club. Here are four capsules of school clothes, united by one theme, but reflecting different values of buyers.

«Ping pong club» corresponds to the style «Modern». This is a modern and concise capsule with elements of street fashion adapted in a formal way. It includes models made of polyviscose with pleated details, leather trim, contrasting edging and metal zippers.


«The Youth Club» refers to the style of «Romance». This is a special, very rare­­­­naya capsule. It reflects the most charming and romantic mood in school fashion. The capsule includes dresses made of polyviscose with decorative elements in the form of flounces, frills and lace trimmings, which are created for young dreamers.

"Chess Club" – lifestyle «Prestige». An exquisite capsule, the models of which are made of traditional gabardine and tweed costume fabrics and decorated in the spirit of festive collections. Textile and knitted jacquards decorated with embroidery on a grid and metallic golden accessories add special chic to the models .


«Club Melody» corresponds to the style «Heritage». This is the most classic capsule made with elements of the brand's firm handwriting, which refer to the English uniform style. The refined taste and elegance of strict models made of tweed and polyviscose in a black watch cage are highlighted with embroidery, contrasting finishes and accessories with coats of arms and monograms. Update of the line - sets with decorative velvet trim and bright bows, which are easily attached to suits with reliable fasteners.

The company "CHANGE" pays great attention not only to modern fashion trends, but also to the safety of school uniforms.

In the new season, the designers of the brand "CHANGE" paid attention to the needs of large children and high school students. A special modern capsule has been released for them with an expanded size range up to 164-96 in the plus size group and up to 170-92 in the senior class group.


"CHANGE" pays great attention not only to modern fashion trends, but also to the safety of school uniforms. All fabrics used in production undergo multi-stage control, where they are checked for all necessary indicators: breathability, hygroscopicity, hypoallergenic, etc. So, in 2016, Roskachestvo noted the company as having adequately passed the inspection of school uniforms for safety and compliance with Technical Regulations. In 2017, participating in the Soyuzexpertiza competitions "For the successful promotion of quality goods" and "For the high consumer properties of goods", "MPSHO Smena" was awarded four gold medals and diplomas of the first degree.​


Photo: "CHANGE"